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In Sardinia, strange traditions characterize the Carnival, an event almost unique in its kind.

For this reason, we have conceived a tour to live together the engaging, bizarre and sometimes almost macabre atmosphere that characterizes the most fascinating Carnivals of Sardinia.

For those who love to travel by bike all year round, facing cold and frost and obtaining consolation from a blood-red glass of local wine, this is the tour not to be missed.

On this page you can sign up for the motorbike tour. It is also possible to attend only one of the two scheduled days: in case of participation on both days, choose the date 10 February and, in the registration notes, specify the participation on both days (see paragraph How to Participate). Fill out the form on the right and register with a click!

How to Participate

The daily motorbike tour will only take place if the minimum number of 20 participants is reached. We will close the reservations on Wednesday 7 February.

Participation is reserved for members of the Pastori in Moto association: if you are not registered, you can get a 2018 membership  for € 15 with the official t-shirt included!

DAILY BASE PARTICIPATION FEE  18 € with motorbike guide throughout the day!

Saturday it will be included also an appetizer and a visit to the free spas and to the labyrinth tomb.



  • Gnocchetti e Ravioli (lavorazione Artigianale)
  • Porcetto, spezzatino o arrosto morto
  • Patate al forno, verdure di stagione
  • Seada and traditional sweets
  • Wine, still water, coffee, acquavite


Close to Nule, in a high-quality facility


  • Antipasto misto della casa
  • Bis di primi ( maharrones lados al ragu d’agnello, ravioli ai porcini)
  • 1\4 liter of wine and still water

IMPORTANT: at the time of booking, please specify your package in the registration notes form. E.g.: Day 1 – Registration Fee + A + B ; Day 2 – Registration Fee + A


Text us on WhatsApp at the following number: 345 0699 255 (Nicola)



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Half board accommodation on selected structures
Quality lunches at special prices

Day 1: La pentolaccia a cavallo - The Carnival of Benetutti

Departure: Oristano                                       Destination: Benetutti

Lunch: Benetutti                                          Dinner: Nule

Description: from Oristano, we drive along the river Tirso to reach, after swirling curves, the foot of Gennargentu chain and then Goceano subregion, next to forests of Burgos and Badde Salighes. From there, we will reach Benetutti, where we will enjoy a pleasant surprise and, if desired, where we can have a typical lunch in a selected facility chosen for the quality of raw materials and for its wine: in fact we can taste a famous wine made from indigenous grape varieties of the area. Not far away, we can also quickly visit the open-air spas that characterize the surrounding area.

Regenerated from lunch, we will then reach the center of Benetutti to enjoy the Pentolaccia a Cavallo, a true experience of Sardinian traditions.

In Benetutti, the carnival is celebrated on horseback: in the main street fifty groups from all over the island compete in a ancient carousel. During the whole evening the road turns into a sandy track where the masked riders compete in ruthless races with the aim of centering and breaking a hanging shard hung on a wire.

The festivities begin with a parade of all participants: the inhabitants of Benetutti introduce the parade; then follow the groups from Goceano, Nuorese region, Barbagia, Gallura and Oristano subregions. During the event the typical sweets of Goceano are offered, and, at the end of the event the riders take part in an awards ceremony and a dinner.

Dinner and overnight stay will be close to Nule, in a prestigious structure.

Length: 164 km


  • Typical appetizer
  • Visit to the labyrinth tomb
  • Visit to the open-air baths
  • Festival of the Pentolaccia a Cavallo

Day 2: Mamuthones e Issohadores

Departure: Nule                                  Destination: Mamoiada

Lunch: Orgosolo                             

Description: we will start the day facing a multitude of mountain curves, surrounded by greenery. Heading towards the east coast, we will cross the Baronie region and then admire an imposing limestone mountain, up to the top of a mountain range of highlands and finally reach Mamoiada, to know the famous Mamuthones and Issohadores.

The Mamoiadine carnival is one of the most important events of Sardinian folklore: the day will be full of attractions. The Mamuthones wear a black mask with a suffering and impassive expression; they are dressed in sheepskin and on their back they carry sa carriga, a heavy series (about thirty kilos) of cowbells. The Mamuthones move slowly and, arranged in two parallel rows, incede according to a precise sequence of steps. Periodically, with a particular shaking of the shoulders, the Mamuthones make the heavy bells resound.

The Issohadores wear a white anthropomorphic mask, a linen shirt, white pants, and a red jacket covered with a bag of bronze and brass bells. They move with agile steps and carry the “soha“, a rope that they throw to visitors who, in order to be released, will have to offer them a drink.

The parade is a real procession, felt like a solemn ceremony.

Finally, in Mamoiada, the ritual of dressing Mamuthones is a very felt and participated event.

Length: 131 km


  • Dressing of the Mamuthones
  • Parade and show of typical Mamoiadine masks

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